MagicLeap augmented reality video shows a solar system in an office

Augmented reality startup Magic Leap, which Google placed a $500 million bet on back in 2013, today showed off some brand-new raw video footage recorded with the technology last week. It includes a floating drone and solar system in an office somewhere, and it’s pretty awesome.
The clip was demoed at the WSJD Live event in California, the same event where outspoken Uber CEO Travis Kalanick slammed a whole bunch of things (as usual), and offered comment on the battle in China, as well as its IPO plans.
Magic Leap is widely being seen as Google’s attempt to get into the VR/AR game and counter Facebook-backed Oculus, though Microsoft’s HoloLens is probably more of a competitor to Magic Leap’s technology.
In June, Magic Leap unveiled its development platform to allow developers to create augmented-reality apps. If this latest video hasn’t got you excited about what the future of AR has in store, I don’t know what will.
You can check out the new video here: