Smelting Steel With Sunlight: New Solar Trap Tech Could Help Decarbonize Industrial Heat

Posted in Science on 27th May, 2024
by Alex Muller

Companies like Heliogen, which is backed by Bill Gates, has already developed solar furnace technology designed to generate the high temperatures required in a wide range of industries.

Melting ice makes Arctic a target for a new deep sea internet cable

Posted in Hardware on 3rd Apr, 2024
by Alex Muller

The Far North Fiber project would connect Europe to Japan, but is only possible because of climate change.

Amazon’s Billion-Dollar Investment Arm Targets Generative AI in Robotics

Posted in Business, Hardware on 6th Mar, 2024
by Alex Muller

Of the big tech companies Amazon has the most obvious practical need for robotics in its operations, which may shape its investments and even provide a ready market for new products in its warehouses or delivery vans.

The First 3D Printer To Use Molten Metal In Space Is Headed To The ISS This Week

Posted in Hardware, Science on 27th Feb, 2024
by Alex Muller

Further out, metal 3D printing could contribute to ESA's vision of a "Circular space economy," in which material from old satellites, spent rocket stages, and other infrastructure is recycled into new structures, tools, and parts as needed.

It Will Take Only A Single SpaceX Starship To Launch A Space Station

Posted in Hardware, Science on 26th Feb, 2024
by Alex Muller

Spaceflight is much cheaper these days thanks to SpaceX driving down launch costs, and the ability to launch pre-assembled space stations could further slash the overall bill.