Interview with Cardano Fellow Robert Kornacki, founder of SYRE

Posted in Interviews, Online, Software on 17th Sep, 2021
by Alex Muller

SYRE is an innovative and easy-to-use blockchain tool for all cryptocurrency users that immensely enhances user experience, with an aim to solve an important problem: making sure than users are sending funds to the correct intended wallet addresses.

Interview with Dan Larimer about the future of blockchain technology

Posted in Interviews on 15th Aug, 2021
by Alex Muller

We're really trying to make the blockchain more accessible, the data more accessible, the tools easier for developers to use, because we've already solved the scaling of the process

Is DeepMind’s new reinforcement learning system a step toward general AI?

Posted in Software on 5th Aug, 2021
by Alex Muller

The paper proves that if you can create a complex enough environment, design the right reinforcement learning architecture, and expose your models to enough experience , you’ll be able to generalize to various kinds of tasks in the same environment.

An overview of VR gaming

Posted in Games, Reviews, Software on 22nd Jun, 2021
by Alex Muller

As technology progresses, virtual reality gaming hardware has matured to the point that VR headsets now offer a great experience with little lag or latency induced nausea, two areas that had presented problems historically.

A Brief History of the VR Revolution

Posted in Games, Hardware, Reviews, Software on 17th Jun, 2021
by Alex Muller

Supporters believe VR has the potential to improve and revolutionize many fields including education, architecture, medical, business, research, military, therapy, travel, art, design, just to name a few. Let’s take a brief look at how we got to be where we are now and what might be on the horizon...