Get ready for virtual reality: heres why it will soon be our norm

Unless you’ve been living in a cave this past year, you’ve probably already heard that Virtual Reality (VR) is coming at us. Thanks to Facebook’s recent acquisition of VR company, Oculus Rift, for $2 billion there’s no doubt VR technology is going to change the way we work, play, and communicate. The potential, experts predict, is vast.
What is the Oculus Rift headset, and how does it work? Here’s everything you need to know about it. Over the years, there has always been powerful potential in the general concept of the virtual environment; versions of the technology have been used in gaming, science, medicine, and the military for many years, assisting in everything from training to therapy.
However, as VR becomes better and more affordable, think motion tracking, lightweight head-mounted displays, and integration with existing content, it can dramatically change the way we, as mainstream consumers, interact with, and control digital devices and content in the coming years. I believe VR is going to be one of the most influential and life changing revolutions, joining the likes of the Internet, a transforming invention that literally has changed the way we accomplish everyday tasks for the better.
It is a disruptive technology that will enable people to experience what previously seemed impossible, as well as redefine what it means to be in a “place.” In fact, VR is going to be so big in the coming years that I believe we will find uses for it in places we didn’t even know we needed it.