The Future of the Internet of Things

The idea of the brilliant inventor waking up to find an automated breakfast being made, their favorite music played, and a notification from their house robot that they have twenty-three minutes to leave for work once seemed so futuristic that we would never get there. The internet has made this a possibility not just for geniuses, but for anyone with a good wifi connection.
If your hope is to awaken to a fully automated home, you already can. You can schedule your coffee and shower to start, preheat your oven if you want to bake, turn your radio or television to your favorite show and even lock the door behind you. The future of these smart items can even go further than this. There are both personal and commercial applications, and the limits are only due to lack of imagination.
Smart power meters from electric companies offer the opportunity not only to know how much power is used within a day but how much is used at any time. Smart items can keep track of when they are working, and this can offer a look at exactly what percent of your energy bill is being caused by anything from a bathroom heater to the lights in a single room to each appliance in your home. With this information, you will know exactly what upgrades will save you the most in energy bills and pay for themselves. 
Smart locks that are opened remotely by you and a few others are a great way to create an unpickable door. Potentially, it can also lead to a door and windows that will lock a thief inside, take a picture of them and notify the authorities with a photo of the intruder while keeping you updated by smartphone. If you are the parent of a teen you can also see if they are actually going to school or coming home when expected. 
The internet has discovered the power of targeted advertisements. Smart commercial audio-visual equipment applications can have new, personalized uses. If you have Bluetooth or locating software activated, advertisers can offer to place discount codes on your smartphone when you enter a store that they cover, in exchange for watching an advertisement that you would like. This could be done on your phone, on video billboards within the store, or even on smart contact lenses or glasses. 
Finally, it may be possible to wear smart bracelets if you are at a health risk that can take and analyze pulse, sweat, electrical current and possibly even blood. This can let you know, long before you otherwise would, when to seek medical care that can save your life. It may even be able to call 911 for you if you become unresponsive.