SpaceX set for a second booster relaunch in June

SpaceX’s second re-launch of a previously used Falcon 9 rocket booster is targeted for next month, for a mission launching a Bulgarian communications satellite. The turnaround time between missions will be significantly shorter, if a mid-June target date holds. Maxim Zayakov, CEO of BulgariaSat, does not think reusing the booster makes the mission riskier.
Zayakov said insurers supported the decision to reuse a rocket, but the terms improved after the successful SES-10 mission. Maxim Zayakov he didn’t think using a “flight proven” booster, as SpaceX refers to its recovered rockets, added risk to the mission.
“In fact, we think the other way around,” Zayakov told FLORIDA TODAY.  “Because a flight proven first stage has all its systems already used in flight, and it is very thoroughly checked after that, too. So we think that this is a good choice and, yes, of course it saved us some money.”
Exactly how much, Zayakov would not say. Space Systems Loral, the California-based satellite manufacturer, is responsible for the launch contract and insurance.