BrainScope Completes Large-Scale Clinical Studies of Concussion in Universities, High Schools and Concussion Clinics

Posted in Medicine, Science on 29th Mar, 2019
by Alex Muller

BrainScope, announced that it had concluded both algorithm development and clinical validation studies in adolescent and young adult populations using its objective, EEG-based technology.

Giant Megallan Telescope Excavation is Complete

Posted in Hardware, Science on 28th Mar, 2019
by Alex Muller

The current construction of the Giant Magellan Telescope completed excavations for its foundations in six months instead of the planned 8-months.

Google and university researchers are using deep learning to discover exoplanets

Posted in Science on 27th Mar, 2019
by Alex Muller

Researchers from Google and multiple universities have discovered two new exoplanets (planets outside our solar system) using a convolutional neural network dubbed AstroNet K2

Moon Express raises $12.5 million and targets 2020 for moon mission

Posted in Science on 3rd Oct, 2018
by Alex Muller

Moon Express is planning to send new robotic explorers to the Moon starting in 2020.

Europe's Ariane-5 rocket makes 100th flight

Posted in Science on 26th Sep, 2018
by Alex Muller

Europe's Ariane 5 rocket has completed its 100th mission. Tuesday's flight saw it lift two big satellites into orbit from its operating base in French Guiana.