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Elon Says Starlink Private Beta In 3 Months And Public In 6 Months

Posted in Business, Hardware, Online on 24th Apr, 2020
by Alex Muller

The SpaceX Starlink system will not have any competition for low altitude and low latency satellite service for many years. The nearest competitor, OneWeb, went bankrupt a few weeks ago.

Making Lunar Water Mining About 1000 Times More Efficient

Posted in Science on 24th Apr, 2020
by Alex Muller

Florida researchers propose a new method, called Aqua Factorem, to extract lunar water. It will drastically reduce energy and complexity of lunar mining operations helping to establish this industry.

First Manned SpaceX Crew Dragon Flight Set For May 27 Liftoff

Posted in Business, Science on 20th Apr, 2020
by Alex Muller

In addition to the systems of the Crew Dragon being tested in orbit, the launch pad, rocket, spacecraft, and operational capabilities will be put through their paces back on Earth.

Metastudy Says Aspirin Lowers Risk Of Some Cancers, But Questions Remain

Posted in Medicine on 17th Apr, 2020
by Alex Muller

Scientists are still debating whether there are benefits to taking aspirin as a preventative measure against cancer if you are otherwise healthy,

Scientists Turn Yeast Into Psychedelic Psilocybin Factories

Posted in Medicine on 17th Apr, 2020
by Alex Muller

Scientists from DTU Biosustain show that psilocybin, a potential drug for treating depression and other psychological conditions, can be produced in yeast

Two New Solar Cells Break Records, Including Highest Efficiency Ever

Posted in Hardware on 15th Apr, 2020
by Alex Muller

The device is what’s known as a six-junction III-V solar cell, meaning it’s made up of six different types of photoactive layer.

Extended Stints In Space May Cause Permanent Changes To Brain Volume

Posted in Medicine, Science on 15th Apr, 2020
by Alex Muller

A new study has revealed a significant change in the brain’s white matter in astronauts following stays on the International Space Station (ISS), and the scientists say the changes to brain volume could be permanent.

Oxford University Might Get COVID-19 Vaccine By September

Posted in Medicine on 12th Apr, 2020
by Alex Muller

The Vaccitech approach, which uses a harmless chimpanzee virus to carry the fragment of SARS-CoV-2 that is required for immunity, has been extensively tested in other situations so there is indeed a good chance it will work as designed.

USA And Europe COVID-19 Curves Flattening

Posted in Medicine on 8th Apr, 2020
by Alex Muller

Europe is now forecast to have about 150,000 deaths in this first wave of COVID-19.

Over 10 Million US Jobless Claims Over Two Weeks

Posted in Business on 5th Apr, 2020
by Alex Muller

Worse is still to come.

Sadly COVID-19 Will Be Worse Than Flu And As Bad As WW2 In Some Countries

Posted in Medicine on 30th Mar, 2020
by Alex Muller

The hope is that India, middle east, South America and Africa can avoid massive cases.

SpaceX Dragon XL Will Supply 5 Tons To The NASA Lunar Gateway

Posted in Business on 30th Mar, 2020
by Alex Muller

NASA is planning multiple supply missions in which the cargo spacecraft will stay at the Gateway for six to 12 months at a time.