Japan Display launches 1058ppi 2.1-inch screens for smaller VR glasses

Two of this year’s most important evolutions of VR glasses involve increasing their display resolution and reducing their size, changes that Japan Display (JDI) is making possible. The company backed by Sony, Hitachi, and Toshiba announced today that it’s now mass-producing a pair of high-pixel-density screens designed for smaller, lighter VR glasses, including at least one unnamed model.

Today’s announcement covers twin 1,600 by 1,600 LTPS TFT-LCD screens that measure 2.1 inches on the diagonal, resulting in a display density of 1,058ppi. The company announced work on similar technology back in May 2018, albeit in a larger form factor — a higher-end 1,001ppi screen that was 3.25 inches on the diagonal, with a 2.2-millisecond “worst case” gray-to-gray response time for reduced motion blur, and a lower-end 803ppi screen 3.6 inches on the diagonal, with a 4.5-millisecond response time. Today’s screens are both smaller and lower in total resolution, while matching the lower-end model’s 4.5-millisecond gray-to-gray worst case responsiveness.