A Kickstarter project wants to put the International Space Station’s view of Earth in your VR display

SpaceVR launched a Kickstarter campaign to send a 3D, 360-degree camera to the International Space Station. Thecamera would collect footage that people can then view in VR devices. The campaign is asking for $500,000.
“Only 536 people have ever been to space; at SpaceVR we ask, what about the other 7 billion?” The Kickstarter page notes. “Our vision is to bring the Overview Effect [what astronauts call the realization of the Earth’s fragility when looking at it from space] to everyone by allowing people to truly experience space and to explore our universe through the magic of virtual reality.”
The $500,000 is to fund the first year of operations and to launch the camera, which SpaceVR hopes to send to space later this year. SpaceVR notes that it has more ambitious plans if it passes its funding goal, including a live feed from the camera to VR devices and an additional camera placed on the moon in 2017.
Imagine one day being able to see the view that the Apollo astronauts saw in real time from the safety of your VR display!