You’ll Soon be Able to Pay to Make Google Ads Disappear

Well, free of Google ads at least. As it true with the company’s current publishing revenue model AdSense, part of your contribution will go to the creators of all those lovely words, phrases, and sentences you’re reading, and of course, Google will also take its cut.
But your typical Google ad is instead replaced by a pixelated box that simply says "thank you for being a Contributor." All payment information is handled through your Google account.
Of course, you can still turn on AdBlock and basically have the same ad-free experience. So why bother? Well, people also buy music when they can also get it for free too, so it’s interesting to see Google experimenting in ways to help readers support the websites they frequent the most, if they’re so inclined.
So is this the long sought after web model, or will we all continue just ignoring ads as usual? I suspect it may well be the latter.