Yes, Google Maps is tracking you through your smartphone. Heres how to stop it

Google is probably logging your location, step by step, via Google Maps. Want to see what kind of data it has on you? Check out Google’s own location history map, which lets you see the path you’ve traced for any given day that your smartphone has been running Google Maps.
The location history page has actually been available for several years, since Google first rolled it out as part of Latitude, its now-defunct location-sharing app. Cnet noticed it in December, 2013, TechCrunch picked it up a few days later, and now noticed it last week. We’re highlighting it again because it’s trivially easy to turn off Google Maps location-tracking, if you want to. In fact, I checked the location history page this morning and had difficulty finding any location data at all, because I’ve had location tracking turned off for months, with a few exceptions.
To turn off location tracking, just follow these easy steps.
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