Voicee Glasses Are The Latest To Offer Captioning To Deaf Wearers

We’ve already seen camera-equipped glasses that tell blind wearers what they’re looking at. Well, Voicee is a bit different, in that it’s a microphone-equipped set of glasses which display the text of what other people are saying.

Currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign, the Slovenian-designed glasses are claimed to presently be in functioning prototype form. Along with the noise-cancelling mic in front, they also incorporate a Google Glass-like projected display on the inside of one lens, an Android-based microprocessor, a touchpad for controlling their functions, and of course a lithium-polymer battery. They come with clear lenses by default, although they can be fitted with prescription lenses.

According to the designers, the Voicee technology is capable of picking up the speech of another person who is conversing with the wearer, and displaying their words as near-real-time text captions within the glasses.

Not surprisingly, the Voicee company isn’t the first to have announced such a product.

Should you be interested in getting a pair of Voicee glasses for yourself – bearing in mind that they’re still not a finished commercial product – a pledge of €512 is required. Assuming they reach production, they should retail for €650.