The Cognitive Benefits of Smart Drugs

Nootropics are drugs that boost cognition. Cognition is a psychological phenomenon typically related to the brain’s ability to observe, learn and remember stuffs. A better cognition means a better memory, learning, attention, focus and reasoning, i.e. better intelligence, and hence it is obviously desirable to have optimum cognitive abilities.
But the cognitive abilities of a particular brain primarily depend on genetics and other intangible factors. Fortunately, nowadays there are numerous ways to simply boost up the cognitive abilities without really caring about the factors. The most popular way is by the use of nootropics, also known as ‘smart drugs’. These Smart drugs have plenty of beneficial effects and are nowadays prescribed almost all over the world. The benefits, effects and types of smart drugs available in the market are discussed below:

Memory retention, learning, attention and focus
Smart drugs efficiently aid in bettering concentration, the most important tool for understanding and learning. Apart from concentration, nootropics amplify the storage capacity of the brain—improving memory. This is why students consume nootropics during exam seasons in many countries. With better concentration comes improved attention and focus. Many professional work-profiles demand high attention and focus and nootropics are a favorable choice for better performance. To boost up attention and focus while working on a project, or performing some other professional responsibilities, nootropics are suitable choices.
Protective nature of nootropics/ neuron-protection
Apart from the role as a cognitive booster, nootropics also serve for the brain tissue’s health. Complex psychological issues, strenuous work-profile or even age wear out brain tissues at a rapid rate. This damage of brain tissues also affects cognition and gives rise to many severe brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
Makes brain healthier
Smart Drugs efficiently protect the brain neuron from damaging and slow down the rate of age-related decay of the tissues. Many advanced nootropics are known to reverse the decay process to some extent even. By preventing the decay of brain tissues and neurons, nootropics keep the brain healthy and immune, which results in better cognition. 
Types of smart drugs and effects
Coffee, the most common beverage consumed all over the world, can serve as a genuine, smart drug for you. Caffeine, as found out by researchers, has excellent cognitive booster properties. Apart from getting rid of drowsiness, a cup of coffee can effectively improve your concentration and learning.
Leafy vegetables, fish oils are a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids and these acids are probably the best natural smart drugs available. 
L-theanine alone has little impact on cognition, but if it is consumed with caffeine, then significant results are yielded.
Of all the synthetic smart drugs, the racetam family is well known. And amongst the racetam genre, piracetam is the most common as well as the oldest smart drug. Piracetam works wonder in increasing memory and are thus prescribed in many countries for the treatment of Parkinson’s, senile Dementia, etc.
Oxiracetam and Aniracetam are advanced classifications of racetam and are particularly beneficial for brain-trauma. Apart from that, both these racetams can be consumed as cognitive booster drug satisfactorily, as they stimulate parts of the brain responsible for memory and learning.
Modafinil is another important smart drug used popularly across many countries (in some countries, it requires a prescription) for enhanced focus, motivation and learning.
Side-effects and safety
Most of the smart drugs are mild cognitive enhancers and have practically no side-effects at all. However, over-consumption may give rise to a headache, high blood pressure, etc. 
Lastly, if you want to have a boosted IQ, better learning and motivation, an ability to perform excellently in all tasks, remember things efficiently or simply to be more alert, proper dosage of quality smart drugs will elevate your cognition to a different level altogether.