The Basis smart fitness watch will tell you exactly how much good-quality sleep you get

Basis Science is making a few announcements for its fitness tracking watch today, including a new Carbon Steel Edition, a coming retail debut at Best Buy stores, and a preview of its advanced sleep analytics that will tell you the quality of your sleep.
The announcements are just in time for International CES, the huge tech trade show next week in Las Vegas, and they show that Basis Science is starting to figure out its audience. It has a loyal following of geeks who don’t mind paying extra for a multi-sensor fitness tracking watch. And it has figured out that those geeks aren’t getting enough sleep.
The new analytics will tell you when you were in a light sleep, rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep, or deep sleep, Jef Holove, chief executive of the San Francisco-based company, told VentureBeat. They will also tell you your sleep quality in terms of toss-and-turns, interruptions, and duration. These features are possible because the company built a variety of sensors, such as a sweat sensor and heartbeat sensor, into its base platform from the start.
“We have noticed that sleep is a very high-interest item among our users,” Holove said. “We are making better use of our data now. We have no change to the hardware, but a massive change to our software algorithm. And we will deliver better context for your sleep information.”