Record surge in atmospheric CO2 seen in 2016

Posted in Science on 31st Oct, 2017
by Alex Muller

Concentrations of CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere surged to a record high in 2016, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Window Is Closing to Avoid Dangerous Global Warming

Posted in Featured, Science on 16th Sep, 2017
by Alex Muller

There's a 50 percent chance that temperatures will rise 4 degrees Celsius under a business-as-usual scenario.

Robotic bees could take the sting out of Colony Collapse Disorder

Posted in Science on 10th Sep, 2017
by Alex Muller

Native honeybees, one of the most prolific pollinators in the animal kingdom, are dying off at an unprecedented rate from Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

California votes to extend cap-and-trade climate law to 2030

Posted in Science on 18th Jul, 2017
by Alex Muller

California legislators have voted to extend a law to cut carbon emissions, weeks after President Donald Trump said the US would withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

Paris climate deal: Trump pulls US out of 2015 accord

Posted in Featured, Science on 2nd Jun, 2017
by Alex Muller

President Donald Trump has announced that the US is withdrawing from the 2015 Paris climate agreement.