Life forms 'went large' a billion years ago

Posted in Science on 18th May, 2016
by Alex Muller

Life was already organising itself into large communities of cells more than a billion years ago, according to evidence from China.

Researchers find that Earth may be home to 1 trillion species

Posted in Featured, Science on 3rd May, 2016
by Alex Muller

Earth could contain nearly 1 trillion species, with only one-thousandth of 1 percent now identified, according to the results of a new study.

Loss of species biodiversity near melting Antarctic glaciers

Posted in Featured, Science on 17th Nov, 2015
by Alex Muller

Over the past five decades, temperatures have risen nearly five times as rapidly on the western Antarctic Peninsula than the global average.

Conservation parks are growing, so why are species still declining?

Posted in Science on 14th Jun, 2015
by Alex Muller

Nearly 15% of Earths land surface is protected in parks and reserves. By 2020, we should reach the agreed global target of 17%.

Not so crowded? New findings on global species richness

Posted in Featured, Science on 8th Jun, 2015
by Alex Muller

Earth may contain millions fewer species than previously thought. New findings narrow species estimates for insects and terrestrial arthropods.