Record turnout at UN boosts climate deal

Delegates have started the process of signing the Paris climate agreement. Around 170 countries are expected to ink the deal, a record number for a new international treaty. Ten nations, mainly small island states, have already ratified the agreement. But dozens of other countries will need to take this second step before the pact comes into force.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said: "Paris will shape the lives of all future generations a profound way – it is their future that is at stake." Speaking at the opening ceremony, he said the planet was experiencing record temperatures: "We are in a race against time I urge all countries to join the agreement at the national level."
"Today we are signing a new covenant for the future."
As the world marked the 46th Earth Day, UN climate chief Christiana Figueres explained what now needed to happened.
"Most countries, though not all, need to take the signed document and go back home and go to ratification procedures that in most countries requires parliamentary discussion and decision."
"The US and China will come and sign and confirm from a formal point of view from the podium at the UN, that they will ratify and accede to the Paris agreement this year."