Oxford Scientists Confirm Vegan Diet Is Massively Better For Planet

Posted in Science on 24th Jul, 2023
by Alex Muller

In the UK, meat eating declined over the decade to 2018, but in order to meet environmental targets the National Food Strategy and the UK's Climate Change Committee recommend an additional 30%-35% reduction.

Climate Change Puts Greenland's Ice Sheet At Risk

Posted in Science on 23rd Jul, 2023
by Alex Muller

A less icy and greener Greenland indicates that the ice sheet is not necessarily as stable as it appears.

Nuclear Power Could Be The Best and Most Effective Energy Solution we have

Posted in Science on 19th Mar, 2023
by Alex Muller

The tool we need already exists and has been understood for decades, and it's nuclear power.

Climate Change Is Affecting The Arctic's Rain and Snow, Says NOAA

Posted in Science on 18th Dec, 2022
by Alex Muller

Rapid Arctic warming requires new forms of partnership and information sharing, including between scientists and Indigenous knowledge-holders.

Modern satellites are shaping the course of climate science

Posted in Science on 27th Nov, 2022
by Alex Muller

By tracking things like changes in sea ice coverage or the mass of ice sheets, scientists can get an idea of how the Earth's climate is changing, and what course it might take into the future.