Prescription Google Glass spotted for the first time

Google has been teasing us for quite a while with the idea of a prescription version of Glass. Soon, they said. Right around the corner, they said. Well, it looks like they weren’t just leading us on after all, because Google employee Brian Matiash has just shared a few captivating images of the prescription headset via his Google+ page.
The images depict two different pairs of prescription glasses with Google Glass attached. On the face of it, the merging of Google’s tech and off-the-shelf eyewear looks pretty seamless. Upon closer inspection, however, it looks like one of the temples of the glasses has been replaced to better fit along the Google Glass unit.
It’s not a reality-breaking tweak to have to make to your eyewear, but it does mean that you likely won’t be able to simply pop Google Glass on and off of whatever pair of glasses you happen to need at any one time. Keep in mind also, that these prescription units are still in development and could change before release. So if you’re planning on getting your concerns in before Goggle settles on a final design, now’s the time to speak up.
(Pictures in original article)