Peterborough City Hospital bags share of £123 million NHS investment to use AI for breast cancer research

Peterborough City Hospital’s NHS Trust has received a share of £123 million of NHS investment to use AI to enhance and speed up breast cancer diagnosis.

North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, which covers Peterborough City Hospital, is one of five Trusts in England to win a bid in the UK Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award to use the Ibex Galen Breast Solution to deliver the innovative digital service.

The pioneering project will support pathologists by providing AI-based tools and insights that help detect and grade different types of breast cancer.

He said: “Using AI allows us to look at digital pictures from tissue slides that would traditionally be looked at by a pathologist down a microscope.

“The AI technology can view the digital slides accurately, and intuitively order any required further tests before a pathologist even needs to view the case – offering a quick and more efficient way of delivering the service. This not only saves time for the pathologist but speeds up the review process for the patient.

“The use of AI offers us the best of both worlds – the reliability and reproducibility of machines with the intuition and insight of humans.

“It is a very exciting project for the Trust to be working on and we are delighted to have been selected as one of only five Trusts to take part.”