Microsoft to reveal skype real time translation on calls at the end of 2014

It is the most difficult situation when you talk to someone whose language is different from yours and you feel difficulty in conversation. Just imagine, a world that have same language or a world where language is not a barrier. Though it is not possible that whole world have same one language.
Now here is the second possibility, that every one have some gadgets that translate callers’s voice to listener’s native language in real time, same as we watched in science fiction movies like Star Trek. Yeah, this is possible, Microsoft is going to reveal its skype real time translation on calls at the end of this year., that works like a science fiction movie’s “Universal translator” gadget.
Two people speaking different language communicate using audio or video call. As they talk with each other, spoken words are translated into listener’s selected language and appear on his screen. These translated words can be also be converted into spoken words by computer generated voice.
Microsoft used “Near real time” translation technology to translate conversation, developed by its company’s Skype and Translator teams. Microsoft was working since 15 years on this technology, and finally presented demo at the Code Conference. In live demo, technology made only few minor mistakes in three minute conversation. Skype real time translation service will be available for Windows 8 and 8.1 before the end of the year.