Mathematicians claim theyve solved jetlag: with an app

Mathematicians say they’ve packed the solution to jetlag into a simple iPhone app. The University of Michigan says the new free app, Entrain, will help users synchronize their “circadian rhythms with the outside hour” eliminating that intense sleepy feeling travelers get when they cross time zones.
While the app’s foundations are built on the findings of doctoral students at Yale University, Entrain looks remarkably easy to use: It just tells you when to adjust the light of your surroundings (from light to dark or vice versa), based on your destination’s time zone. According to the University of Michigan:
“Start by entering your typical hours of light and darkness in your current time zone, then choose the time zone you’re traveling to and when, as well as the brightest light you expect to spend the most time in during your trip (indoor or outdoor.) The app offers a specialized plan and predicts how long it will take you to adjust.”