High tech sleep mask to eliminate jet lag and control sleep schedule

Lumos Smart Sleep Mask, uses technology from Stanford University to prevent jet lag and help with sleeping schedules. It gives everyone a better start on tomorrow: safe and easy control over their sleep schedule. Sleep researchers say it would normally possible to shift sleep schedules one hour per day.
After arriving in a new time zone, the body will eventually adjust on its own, but at a slow pace of about one hour a day. Meanwhile, jet lag, which occurs because your body’s clock is still synced to your original time zone, can cause fatigue, lack of alertness, a general feeling of malaise and sometimes gastrointestinal problems.
The mask’s technology can shift circadian rhythm up to three hour to four hours in one night.
Journey without jet lag
With proprietary light flash technology, Stanford research has shown circadian rhythm shifts that could eliminate transcontinental jet lag. By arriving at your destination synced up with the local time zone, you can make the most of your time on the road.
Sync up teens’ studies
Night owl teen? Teenagers have biologically late-shifted circadian rhythms, making it hard for them to get a full night’s sleep with early school start times. When used on a regular basis, our mask may help teens get more sleep and improve their academic performance.
Play at your peak
Peak athletic performance can vary as much as 26% depending on what time of day you compete. Using personalized tracking and our patented sleep technology, the LumosTech smart sleep mask can be your personalized sleep coach to help you compete at your best.
controlled by a smartphone app that uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate the frequency and duration required for shifting circadian phase. The light stimulation is delivered during sleep in conjunction with a mathematical model of circadian phase to advance or delay sleep cycles. The mask contains additional LEDs that provide a red-wavelength dawn simulator to stimulate the release of cortisol; this promotes alertness and enhances mood immediately after wakeup.