Google to build Artificial Intelligence that will build another AI

Google is all set to build an AI Programming which will build another AI. The project has been named as AutoML. Google’s AutoML, a computer algorithmm has the capability to perform various tasks on their by analyzing data and it can create another Machine Learning Algorithm on its own.
By this Google will soon find a way to move humans out of Artificial Intelligence Systems , that many believe is the future of Artificial Intelligence Programming. Lack of experts in AI to meet the demand has forced google to come up AutoML.
It is estimated that only 10,000 people word wide has the education , capability and experience to work on complex artificial machines and computers . World’s top tech companies like Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft are paying millions of dollars to AI.
The Algorithm has the capability to fix, edit and replicate its own programming in less than few hours of what it will take weeks or month for humans to complete it.
The most important part comes in accuracy, where AutoML outperformed tasks created by researchers who made it.  It has a whopping 82% accuracy in image recognition  and its self-created code is superior to humans. The algorithm  can mark multiple points within an image with 42% accuracy compared to human-made software’s 39%.
Speaking to NY times , Jeff Dean ( Google engineer), said the project he is working on will help companies build systems with artificial intelligence even if they lack extensive expertise.
Tomorrow’s machine’s wont just perform tasks , they will self update and  be capable of creating custom programs that will solve unforeseen problems.
AutoML is the genesis for the next generation of machine-learning and it is certain that AI revolution is currently underway and its future will be brighter than ever.