DARPA will fund 18 month experiments of potential AI breakthroughs

DARPA’s AIE program will speed up AI development. It will streamline the contracting procedures and funding mechanisms to achieve a start date within three months of an opportunity announcement. Researchers will then work to establish the feasibility of new AI concepts within 18 months of award.
Through this nimble approach to exploring new AI concepts, DARPA aims to outpace competing, global AI science and technology discovery efforts.
DARPA wants to use short-term efforts to accelerate AI advancements. Researchers will quickly test the value and feasibility of innovative concepts. Individual projects could lead to larger research and development programs spurring major AI breakthrough.
AIE awards may be worth up to $1 million each.
AIE continues DARPA’s five-decade streak of pioneering groundbreaking research and development in AI. Past DARPA investments facilitated the advancement of “first wave” (rule-based) and “second wave” (statistical-learning-based) AI technologies.