Artificial Intelligence will chomp down a chunk of Indias present knowledge economy

The decision by consulting major Capgemini to replace nearly 40% of its work done by its resource management group with IBM’s Watson AI, is a clear indication that it is not just repetitive or mechanical jobs at risk. AI is capable of taking on those tasks that require analytical skills.
The tasks from education and skill development just got tougher.  By 2025, 70% of India’s population is projected to be of working age.
The government is in the process of finalising a new education policy, one that will address the needs of the 21st century. This policy needs to focus on enhancing cognitive skills, capacities for critical thinking and innovation. A robust foundation will require focusing on early childhood care and education to augment cognitive skills of children. 
It will also require designing school curriculum and teaching practices in a manner that will encourage analytical skills and thinking. ..