Apple September 2016 Special Event: The key points from Apple’s conference:

Apple has sold more than one billion iPhones since the first version launched in 2007. New latest, the iPhone 7, will wake when lifted up, use Siri to voice activate apps, add contextual predictive typing and include a new version of Maps that allows taxi or hotel bookings from inside the app.
There are two new black options, one gloss and one matt, and the new iPhone is water and dust resistant. The display is 25% brighter. iPhone 7 has a 4.7” retina screen and the iPhone 7 Plus a 5.5” retina HD screen. 
The camera on the iPhone 7 has a better flash, improved lens, image stabilisation, high speed 12MP camera and can capture raw image files. The iPhone 7 Plus has the same wide angle camera but also has a second telephoto camera on the back. A new feature uses machine learning to identify people, and then apply depth of field to the background.
 iPhone 7 will come in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB starting at $640, and iPhone 7 Plus in 32GB, 128GB 256GB from $769. Pre-orders open 9 September and they ship on 16 September.
The daily challenge of untangling Apple’s white earphones will become a thing of the past; Apple announced AirPods, wireless white earphones that can also still be used to take phone calls. Beats also launched the Solo 3 Wireless headphones and two further models. AirPods will ship in late October for $159.
The new version of Apple Watch will be waterproof to 5om depth, allowing a new range of apps that track swim performance including lap time. It has a new, two-times brighter screen, a faster dual-core processor, a white ceramic case option and built-in GPS, which allows better tracking for running and sports apps, including a new Nike+ version of the AppleWatch available in late October.
The new ‘series 2’ Apple Watch will be priced at $369, while series 1 will be dropped to $269 but gain the faster processor of the new watch.
Tim Cook introduced Shigeru Miyamoto, now creative fellow at Nintendo and one of the world’s most respected and best loved video game creators, who announced a new Mario game app. Super Mario Run follows a familiar running platform game format and includes a new battle mode called Toad Relay, in which friends can compete across the internet.
A version of Pokemon Go is launching for the Apple Watch. Niantic founder John Hanke said Pokemon Go players have so far walked 4.6bn kilometres.