YouTube suddenly begins flagging hundreds of game related videos for copyright violations

Something is going down on YouTube that is causing a headache for many of the channels that upload video game-related footage.
The automated Content ID system that finds copyrighted material in the massive amounts of content uploaded to YouTube every day suddenly began flagging videos that feature games like Dead Space 3, Metro: Last Light, and more.
And this flagging could cost YouTubers potentially millions in lost ad revenue.
The odd thing is that YouTube Content ID is naming companies in these complaints that do not hold the copyrights to many of these games, as first reported by YouTube news site Tubefilter. For example, one uploader got a notice for publisher Deep Silver‘s Metro: Last Light (a horror-themed first-person shooter) from a company called 4GamerMovie, which is some kind of Japanese gaming website.
A representative for Deep Silver has since confirmed that the publisher fully permits YouTube creators to monetize videos featuring their games.