World population is now half middle class or richer

There are 3.7 billion people in the global middle class ($11-110 per day in PPP). This is 48% of the world’s population. An additional 190 million (2.5%) are richer than global middle class. The world population is 7.65 billion. The wealthy and the middle class are 3.9 billion today. World population will reach 8.5 billion in 2030.
The global middle class and the world population in general is dominated by Asia. Asia currently has 4.5 billion people and there will be 4.92 billion people in Asia in 2030.
The U.S. dominates the global rich. In 2016, rich households in the U.S. made up 61 percent of the global number, and they spend almost two-thirds of total consumption by rich households. This dominance is likely to persist. Even with a growing number of rich households in other countries, the U.S. should still account for over 50 percent of rich household spending by 2030.
There are 1.75 billion global middle class in Asia today and there will be 3.5 billion global middle class in Asia in 2030. Asia will go from having 39% of its population as global middle class today to 71% of the Asian population will be global middle class in 2030.
Asia will soon be 50% of the total global middle class and by 2030 will be 65% of the global middle class population.