Will NASAs next space station be beyond the moon?

The station, which so far exists only as a "leading candidate" for NASA’s next major mission, would be located at the L2 Earth-Moon Lagrange Point (or EML-2), approximately 277,000 miles from Earth, or about 276,800 miles farther from Earth than the ISS is currently. A Lagrange Point is a spot in an orbital system where the gravitational forces of two massive bodies (like the Earth and the Moon) combine to create areas where a much less massive body (like a space station) can park out while not moving relative to the other bodies in the system. There are five of these points, as illustrated below, and once you get to one and stop moving, you can just sit there indefinitely.
NASA is looking to build a relatively small outpost at EML-2, probably with bits and pieces left over from the ISS to keep costs down. The new Orion launch system would be used to get stuff out there, and construction could start as early as 2019. The station would be an ideal spot for observing the Moon, and would also make a departure point to asteroids or even to Mars.