What’s next for iOS?

You have to love the evolution of technology. You can call it Moore’s Law, returns on investments, or simply progress … but the pace of consumer tech’s maturation is breathtaking. This change happens on a hardware level (just look at 2005’s smartphones compared to today’s), but just as exciting is the progress of software.
iOS is a prime example. In 2007 it was essentially a slick, polished way to do about ten things. Today iOS – along with Android and Windows Phone – is narrowing the gap between mobile and the desktop.
Now that iOS 6 is here, with its revamped (but flawed) Maps, Facebook integration, and the new Passbook app, we’re left wondering where iOS will go next? As the laundry list of obvious upgrades (multitasking, folders, notifications…) has been exhausted over the last few years, the next steps aren’t so clear.
Let’s explore a few possibilities, using Apple’s core philosophies and tendencies as our guide: