What to expect at the Google I/O 2014 developer conference:

This year’s Google I/O developer conference won’t be like any other. Now that Google has its fingers in more pies than ever before, the big focus at I/O this year will be about building the broader Google ecosystem. Android on your wrist and in your car. Nest in your home. Google everywhere you look.
It’s not exactly a new focus for Google, but this year all of the pieces are in place to make it real. Expect to see more products and services that could actually live up to Google’s lofty ambitions, rather than half-baked attempts to enter new markets. (Whatever happened to Android@Home, which was announced way back in 2011?)
Don’t expect any flashy skydiving sequences this year (which, while cool, did nothing to prove why normal people would want to use Google Glass). But I wouldn’t rule out another wild rant from CEO Larry Page.
Below, check out the topics we expect will be a big focus at I/O this year:
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