Web economy in G20 set to double by 2016, Google says

Driving the spurt from $2.3tn (£1.5tn) to $4.2tn (£2.7tn) will be the rapid rise of mobile internet access.
The study, supported by web giant Google, assumes that in four years 3bn people will be using the internet, or nearly 50% of the world’s population.
The research suggests that the UK is one of the most advanced e-commerce economies.
Right now, every year about 200 million people are going online for the very first time.
However, traditional internet access via a copper wire and a desktop PC will fade into the background.
The rapid fall in the cost of smartphones – with cheap versions now costing about $100 – means that by 2016 about 80% of all internet users will access the web using a mobile phone.
The research does not even account for web access using so-called feature phones.