Was Steve Jobs genius also a fatal flaw?

One of Steve Jobs’ closest friends and business allies has said the former Apple boss’s own self-belief and mindset led him to put off having his cancer treated.
Avie Tevanian said Mr Jobs had a "reality distortion field" – a force of will that helped him get people to achieve the impossible.
That same belief system caused him to refuse conventional treatment for his cancer in the critical early stages after diagnosis.
He decided instead to explore alternative therapies and go on a special diet.
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 He was the kind of person that could convince himself of things that weren’t necessarily true or necessarily easy”
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Avie Tevanian
 Mr Tevanian said: "Steve was an unconventional person and when it came to treating his illness he was very happy to use non-traditional methods.
"I think he truly thought that through some unconventional means he could cure himself."