Video: Google shows off what Project Glass camera is capable of

You’ve seen Google’s bosses wear Project Glass and maybe a blurry photo or two. What can its camera do, then? Google’s just released a video filmed from a real Glass camera along with some first-person perspective photos.
Putting aside the fact that Project Glass video has no sound (it is just a prototype right now), the video isn’t too terrible. The 15 second clip is at least an HD recording (just be grateful it’s not VGA quality). Crank that video up to 720p and the footage becomes decent.
If you’ve ever used a GoPro camera strapped to helmet, you’ll know what kind of first-person footage Project Glass will be capable of capturing.
Along with the video, Google also released a batch of photos taken with Glass. For a camera worn just above the eyeball, the quality is surprisingly passable. Heck, toss on a few Instagram filters and it won’t even matter what quality the photos are.