Valve opens Linux video game store

Software firm Valve has launched a Linux version of its Steam game store. The games made available via the online Steam store are playable on the Ubuntu version of the Linux open-source operating system.
Through the store, Ubuntu users can get at almost 60 games including popular titles such as CounterStrike and Team Fortress 2. The launch comes as Valve lays off about 10% of its staff including some who were working on hardware projects.
Open-source software gives users access to all its underlying programming code and stands in contrast to closed or proprietary software which locks such information away, Players can get access to the Steam store using an add-on application available via the Ubuntu software centre.
As well as games made by Valve, the Linux version of Steam also sells titles made by other companies. They include Amnesia, FTL, Serious Sam 3 and World of Goo. As it opened the Linux store, Valve also cut the prices of the PC and Mac versions of games available to Ubuntu users by up to 75%. The sale will run until 21 February.