Transparent store displays will change the way you go shopping

Window shopping is about to get a lot more interesting.
Samsung says it’s bringing its transparent commercial displays to market this fall, signaling a new and futuristic development in how shoppers will engage with in-store products.
The 22-inch display will, for example, allow stores to dynamically display key information about their products. While the shot above shows that this works really well for smartphones like the Galaxy Note, even sellers of jewelry, shoes, and other small items could make use of it.
Stores could also use the displays to tell shoppers which items are on sale, or to point shoppers to other comparable products elsewhere.
Samsung, however, has bigger plans. Back in January, the company showed off its 46-inch Smart Window display, which accomplishes a similar task on a larger scale. Samsung also says that the transparent display technology could also someday make its way to smartphones and tablets, which opens up a lot of possibilities for device design.
In any case, Samsung is getting ahead of a big trend with transparent displays. The market is expected to hit $87 billion by 2025, according to Display Bank. Perhaps bigger news for retailers, the product could also help bring some of the excitement back to in-store shopping, which has taken a hit in our online shopping-focused times.