Oxygen May Have Thawed Antarctica in Dinosaur Times

Posted in Science on 14th Jun, 2015
by Alex Muller

About 100 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed a forest-covered Antarctica. Carbon dioxide was present in the atmosphere at higher levels than present day.

A dose of extra oxygen can rev up cancer-fighting immune cells

Posted in Medicine on 9th Mar, 2015
by Alex Muller

Boosting oxygen in the air helped mice with cancer battle lung and breast tumors.

Promising peptide for traumatic brain injury, heart attack and stroke

Posted in Medicine on 13th Feb, 2015
by Alex Muller

Strokes, heart attacks, and traumatic brain injuries have a common end: cell death and human injury due to hypoxia, or lack of oxygen.

Low oxygen 'delayed animal life on Earth'

Posted in Science on 31st Oct, 2014
by Alex Muller

There's been much debate about why animals took so long to evolve and thrive on Earth.

Crystal grains can hold huge amounts of oxygen for lighter underwater breathing

Posted in Science on 5th Oct, 2014
by Alex Muller

Crystalline materials can store oxygen in high concentrations.The stored oxygen can be released again when and where it is needed.