Harvard breakthrough shows stem cells can be genetically edited in the body

Posted in Medicine on 5th Jun, 2019
by Alex Muller

The team says this breakthrough could lead to new treatments for genetic diseases, particularly those like muscular dystrophy which hinge on tissue regeneration.

Scientists discover gene mutation evolved in humans to help with high-sugar diets

Posted in Highlights from UCL, Medicine on 5th Jun, 2019
by Alex Muller

In an interesting look at evolution in action, a research team led by University College London has discovered around 50 percent of people carry a gene mutation that helps lower blood sugar levels.

As plaque deposits increase in the aging brain, money management falters

Posted in Medicine on 3rd Jun, 2019
by Alex Muller

Trouble with simple financial tasks may be early sign of dementias such as Alzheimer's

Two new studies strengthen the gut-brain connection in autism

Posted in Medicine on 31st May, 2019
by Alex Muller

The research suggests the microbiome more likely interacts with a variety of other factors to potentially enhance the severity of autistic symptoms in an individual subject.

Drug-resistant infections could be starved of nutrients using existing medicines

Posted in Medicine on 27th May, 2019
by Alex Muller

Rather than developing new antifungal drugs, the team found that existing drugs used for other purposes could instead be used against fungi through other means.