Solar sails to help keep pole-sitting satellites in their place

Posted in Science on 26th Feb, 2016
by Alex Muller

ESA says that if it proves practical, pole-sitting satellites would allow for constant observation of the high latitudes for climate science and telecommunications.

Mars Express provides a look at ancient Martian flooding

Posted in Science on 21st Feb, 2016
by Alex Muller

Fracture-like features are thought to have been caused by the loss of underground ice, as well as the general evaporation of water, which was once highly abundant.

The Case for an International Moon Base

Posted in Science on 13th Feb, 2016
by Alex Muller

Toward the end of 2015, Russias space program announced plans to begin a series of lunar missions that would culminate in the creation of a manned moon base by 2030.

Fungi survive mars-like conditions on the space station

Posted in Science on 31st Jan, 2016
by Alex Muller

A study, by ESA, has found that two species of tiny fungi originally from Antarctica have survived living in Mars-like conditions for a period of 18 months.

First node of Europe's space laser network launches into orbit

Posted in Hardware on 31st Jan, 2016
by Alex Muller

Europe has begun to roll out a data superhighway in orbit. The first node in the network is a telecommunications satellite that was launched from Kazakhstan.