Mediterranean diet intervention may not improve breast cancer prognosis in high-risk patients

Posted in Medicine on 20th Oct, 2023
by Alex Muller

The consumption of the Mediterranean diet in combination with phytoestrogen does not appear to reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence among high-risk women. However, a better prognosis of breast cancer has been observed among women with higher compliance with dietary recommendations.

Oxford Scientists Confirm Vegan Diet Is Massively Better For Planet

Posted in Science on 24th Jul, 2023
by Alex Muller

In the UK, meat eating declined over the decade to 2018, but in order to meet environmental targets the National Food Strategy and the UK's Climate Change Committee recommend an additional 30%-35% reduction.

Obesity among men could be increasing prostate cancer deaths, study suggests

Posted in Medicine on 30th May, 2022
by Alex Muller

The more inches added to a man's waistline, and the higher his BMI, the greater the risk of dying, new research concludes.

First Controlled Human Trial Shows Cutting Calories Improves Health and Longevity

Posted in Medicine on 3rd Mar, 2022
by Alex Muller

The trial found that cutting calories by a mere 14 percent for 2 years, about one less muffin per day, conferred multiple health benefits known to combat aging.

Vegetarians have 14% lower cancer risk than meat-eaters, study finds

Posted in Medicine on 25th Feb, 2022
by Alex Muller

“In this large British cohort, being a low meat-eater, fish-eater or vegetarian was associated with a lower risk of all cancer sites when compared to regular meat-eaters,” the analysis found.