WiFi that provides connectivity and charges your gadgets may be closer than you think

Posted in Hardware on 7th Jun, 2015
by Alex Muller

A team at the University of Washington, has developed a 'power over WiFi' system that can recharge batteries through the air.

New tech keeps your smart phone charged for 30 percent longer

Posted in Hardware on 30th May, 2015
by Alex Muller

Invention captures wasted cell phone energy, feeds it back to battery.

Is the sun about to set on the Age of Oil? Solar, battery developments becoming the new Black Gold

Posted in Business on 24th May, 2015
by Alex Muller

By next year, solar power costs will reach parity with most grid prices in North America.

'Tesla's batteries could be bigger business than electric cars' Elon Musk

Posted in Business on 9th May, 2015
by Alex Muller

The company has taken 38,000 orders for its Powerwall, which was first announced last week, meaning the devices are sold out until mid-2016.

Tesla's Elon Musk Unveils Stored Sunlight in Batteries

Posted in Business on 2nd May, 2015
by Alex Muller

The car company plans to sell battery storage systems for homes and utilities to help extend the use of solar power.