Steam Big Picture introduces console UI to the PC gaming service

Valve’s Steam gaming service has quietly exploded in popularity over the last few years. The platform continues to expand today with the launch of Big Picture. Now out of beta, Big Picture enables a new UI layer meant to be used (via HDMI) on TVs with a traditional gaming controller.
The Big Picture UI is attractive in its deep blue hues and includes a new method of typing with a gamepad that puts the QWERTY conversion on your Xbox to shame. The Daisywheel system divvies up the letters of the alphabet into groups of four, allowing the position of the analog stick dictate which four letters are chosen with the face buttons.
In true Steam fashion, the new feature is being celebrated with a controller-friendly game sale. Notable sales include hits both new and old, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the Alan Wake series, Portal 2 (with new split-screen support,) and the seminal Braid.