Startup will launch luxury space hotel in 2021 and charge about $800,000 per night

Startup Orion Span has developed proprietary technology to drive a full order of magnitude of cost out of the design and manufacture of a space station. They are proud to announce Aurora Station will launch in late 2021 as the world’s first luxury space hotel.
By early 2022, they aim to be hosting tourists, astronauts, space research, and manufacturing on board Aurora Station in LEO.
The space hotel will accommodate up to four travelers and two crew members at a time. They will have them stay for 12 days for $9.5 million per person – or about $791,666 a night – and their $80,000 deposit can already be reserved online.
They designed Aurora Station to grow and respond to market needs. When they reach capacity, they simply launch another of the same space station and attach it on Aurora’s radial hub. As Aurora Station continues to grow with market demand, they will also sell space condos – your own capacity aboard Aurora Station and future space stations to visit, sublease, or one day live in as you wish.
Orion Span has taken what was traditionally a 24 month training program to prepare visitors for space station stays and streamlined it to 3 months, with significant portions of that training done online.
Space Manufacturing represents an exciting frontier in producing more pristine results in a zero gravity environment than is possible on Earth.
Aurora Station leases capacity to in situ manufacturing organizations and 3D printing research. Whether using resources brought to LEO or future captured resources such as asteroids, Aurora Station enables easy pay-as-you-go capacity to use in situ manufacturing capacity and process resources into valuable metals, spacecraft, and more.