SpaceX $500 Million Fundraising and First 75 Starlink Satellites

SpaceX finished raising $273 million and has now starting raising another $500 million according to Prime Unicorn Index and the Wall Street Journal.

This will be at $204 per share and a $29 billion valuation. Before 2015, SpaceX shares were below $10 per share.

The SpaceX Super Heavy Starship and the Starlink satellite constellation are capital intensive efforts.

SpaceX should be launching new versions of the Starlink satellites that will be simplified operational versions. The first 75 Starlink satellites and their six ground stations will be a nearly full-fidelity second prototype. SpaceX needs to launch 2200 Starlink satellites over the next five years.

They need to place half of the 4400 satellites in their FCC filing to comply with the FCC.

SpaceX should start launching the prototype Starlink satellite constellation starting in May.