Space Movie To Deliver The “Overview Effect” In Giant Domed Theaters

The unique perspective just a few astronauts have ever seen of Earth from outer space, and the way in which it impacts them, is known as the Overview Effect.

Now, specially built theaters and a new film will bring the same experience to the masses.

“Experiencing the awe and wonder of our planetary home from the extraordinary vantage point of a spaceship is life changing,” says Nicole Stott, an astronaut with nearly 30 years with NASA that included two spaceflights and 104 days aboard the International Space Station.

The film aims to deliver a “Meditative experience that takes audiences on a journey into space to encounter the profound beauty, inner workings, and mysteries of Earth to inspire a greater appreciation for our shared, living planet,” said Cosm.

Even more ambitious than the film’s lofty aims are the theaters in which it will be shown.

Cosm is building 65,000-sq-ft theaters in Los Angeles and Dallas that will each house a dome measuring 87 ft in diameter.

Cosm has already brought some pretty impressive spaces to the world including an installation at the Shanghai Astronomy Museum and the Grainger Sky Theater at the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium in Chicago, so the odds are pretty good that its two new domed theaters are going to deliver the “Wow” as well.

Planetary Collective has equally impressive chops, having already released two well-received films: “Overview” – a short film that first touched on the idea of the Overview Effect as first conceived by space philosopher Frank White, and the SXSW release “Planetary,” another film that aims to shift perspectives by looking back at Earth from space.