Space Force will be more about putting up new space weapons and not space marines

The U.S. military is creating the Space Force as a sixth branch. It will not be about space marines but acquiring new space weapons and other systems for space domination. Space Force is about organizing to speed up development of new space capabilities.
The combined military and civilian Space Force will start with about 20,000 people. Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan spoke about the goals and plans for Space Force. The Space Development Agency is to remove duplication in space programs.
The Space Force wants to tailor developments at SpaceX and Blue Origin for military applications. Elon Musk at SpaceX announced his support for Space Force. Elon made the statement in an interview with Kara Swisher at Recode.
Donald Trump’s Space Force and colonizing beyond Earth

Elon Musk likes the idea of the Space Force. Elon thinks it’s cool. He equates it to how people made fun of the Air Force when it was formed because the aircraft in World War II were managed by the Army.
People today may not realize back then it was wildly panned as a ridiculous thing to create the Air Force. Now people think it is obvious that we should have an Air Force. It will become obvious that we should have a Space Force, too.
Elon thinks we should have base on the moon and a base on Mars. Those bases would be great to expand on the idea of a Space Force.