Sony Xperia Z tablet and LG Optimus Pro G phone unveiled

The Android-powered Xperia Z is 0.27in (6.9mm)-thick. That is 0.01in thinner than Apple’s iPad Mini despite featuring a bigger 10.1in screen.
It coincides with news that LG is releasing a 5in handset – the Optimus G Pro – making it the latest to offer the so-called "phablet" form factor. Both devices have only been confirmed for release in Japan, but more details are expected next month.
Mobile World Congress is being held in Barcelona from 25 to 28 February and is a popular time to announce global launches of new smart devices. Samsung has already said it would show off a new 8in version of its Galaxy Note tablet family at the event. Beyond being thin, Sony’s new tablet can also lay claim to being the lightest for its size.
The firm says it weighs 1.1lb (495g) – a fraction below the Toshiba Excite 10 LE which previously laid claim to the title.