Rumor alert: iPhone 5 will work on LTE networks around the world

Apple’s next generation iPhone will give consumers the world ’round the speed they need to consume data, browse the web, and stream video at the fastest speeds possible.
The latest iPhone, which Apple will unveil Wednesday, will include support for LTE on networks across the globe, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Apple invited the media to a press event on September 12. The company, which historically remains mum on pre-launched products until they’ve been unveiled to the public, not-so-subtly teased the launch of the iPhone 5 with the design of the invitation. The device, according to various rumors and leaks, will have a larger screen and be longer than the iPhone 4S.
The new LTE technology on the iPhone will allow Apple’s popular smartphone to run on several LTE networks in the U.S. and internationally, a personal familiar with the matter told the Journal.
LTE is a wireless communication standard for high-speed data on mobile phones. The technology is typically marketed as a 4G wireless service and is the next step up from more the widely available 3G networks. Apple’s new iPad was the first Apple device to support LTE technology.
The addition of LTE to the iPhone will also come as welcome news for carriers, as they can now get data hungry iPhone owners on their fastest networks for the first time, and can possibly up-sell more consumers to their priciest data plans.